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Dil Se - The Biggest movie to Hit India In 1998

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A   b r i e f    o u t l i n e

Shah Rukh Khan is an All-India Radio Reporter, who i sought to probe into what the common man has to say about India's progress, if any in its 50 years of Independence.

As part of this assignment he reaches the terrorist camp to learn about their intentions and aim of revolution. Meanwhile its love at first sight with Manisha at a railway station. He follows her , whike she repeatedly tells him to leave her alone. Intense moments in their relationship follow, but Manisha never lets him know her true feelings. Amar (Shah Rukh) comes back to Delhi to his family where he agrees to an engagement with Preity Zinta. Manisha( who is actually a suicide bomber ) appears at his house unexpectedly and she, along with her associate and Amar lets them stay in an extra room at their house. A plan to set up a bomb during the Republic Day Parade is setup, and Manisha gets to work for AIR with Shah Rukh’s help as a part of that plan. All goes well until Shah Rukh finally comes to know via a clue , the actual identity of Manisha. A chase, fight, etc. Follow and he confronts Manisha moments before she is about to do her part in the bombing.......A tragic end rerults...which leaves the audience gasping!!!!

Everything thing from attraction, love and obsession; to even separatism, Indianness and terrorism, stems from the heart. Everything comes from the heart.....Dil Se..