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Dil Se - The Biggest movie to Hit Indian Screens in 1998




DIL SE  is the first production of INDIA TALKIES (A banner composed by   Mani Ratnam,Shekhar Kapoor and Ram Gopal Verma).

Mani Ratnam mixes epic politics with intimate relationships and classy movements. So will Dil Se , the Tamil auteur's first Hindi film, finally make him seen as India's foremost 'serious' filmaker whose work just happens to make money?

The impressive star cast of the film includes:

Shah Rukh, Manisha, Preity Zinta....

Mani Rathnam:  Ace Director

A.R.Rahman:  Great Music

Gulzar: Pleasant Lyrics

Farah Khan: Impressive Choreography

and other equally talented people....

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