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Dil Se - The Biggest movie to Hit Indian Screens  In 1998

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Dil Se.. set againts the insurgency in the North-East and the final part of the triology of Roja(1992) and Bombay(1995), has Shekhar Kapoor and Ram Gopal Verma as executive preoducers.

Here is a brief guess of the DIL SE.. story...

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And here is an excerpt from an interview with mani rathnam

A review of the Movie

Ancient Arabic literature classifies love into seven different shades...
HUB...their eyes meet, it's like a touch... a spark... Attraction
    UNS...the touch of the eyes was as if, it was Infatuation...
  ISHQ...the flame of her body is felt, his breath starts igniting... Love...
    AQIDAT...Reverence... she touches him like a whisper, as if silence is mixed in her eyes... he prays, knelt down on the floor, a little consciously and a little Unconsciously...
  IBADAAT...he is entangled on her path, entangled in her arms... Love turns to Worship.
Junoon...his living is an Obsession... his dying is an Obsession... apart from this there is no peace...
MAUT...let him rest in the lap of Death... let him drown his body in her soul...

      Dil Se.. a journey through these seven shades....

The Team
Story, Screenplay, Direction - Mani Ratnam
Cinematography - Santosh Sivan
Music - A.R.Rahman
Lyrics - Vaira Muthu
Art Direction - Samir Chanda
Editing - Suresh Urs
Choreography - Farah Khan
Action - Allan Amin

The Cast
Shahrukh Khan
Manisha Koirala
Preity Zinta

Malaika arora- Chaiyya Chaiyya song sequence
Raghuvir Yadav
Zora Sehgal
Arundhati Rao
Sabyasachi Chakravarthy
Piyush Mishra
Ken Philip
Sanjay Mishra
Mita Vasisht